Sofie Rockland studied fashion at the Institute for Fashion, Management and Design ‘Mr. Koetsier’ in Amsterdam. After 10 years of fashion experience and her many travels to the Far East, she decided to take the step to launch her own product line, the 210th.

210th is an international brand which embodies love, attention, intimacy and communication. The 210th concept is to encourage love by bring people closer together.

According to Sofie, founder and owner of 210th, intimacy, eroticism and communication are inextricably linked in the relationship with one’s partner and deserves constant attention.

The first line of products, launched in October 2010 consists of 4 beautifully designed and stylish boxes offering you and your partner titillating challenges and luxurious erotic accessories. The box contains all the ingredients to provide each other the right dose of attention to bring your relationship to a higher level.

The second 210th product line “210th Experience” launched in January 2011 contains a sensual massage oil in a uniquely and stylishly designed glass bottle. At this moment 210th is working hard on the extension in this line.

More love and quality time for each other. Closer together!

With love,
– Sofie