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    Bra Sizes

    Band Available Sizes
    30 30A  30AA  30B  30C  30D  30DD  30DDD  30E  30F  30FF  30G  30GG  30H  30HH  30I  30J  
    32 32A  32AA  32B  32C  32D  32DD  32DDD  32DDDD  32E  32F  32FF  32G  32GG  32H  32HH  32I  32J  
    34 34A  34AA  34B  34C  34D  34DD  34DDD  34DDDD  34E  34F  34FF  34G  34GG  34H  34HH  34I  34J  
    36 36A  36AA  36B  36C  36D  36DD  36DDD  36DDDD  36E  36F  36FF  36G  36GG  36H  36HH  36I  36J  
    38 38A  38AA  38B  38C  38D  38DD  38DDD  38DDDD  38E  38F  38FF  38G  38GG  38H  38HH  38I  38J  
    40 40A  40AA  40B  40C  40D  40DD  40DDD  40E  40F  40FF  40G  40GG  40H  40HH  40I  40J  
    42 42A  42AA  42B  42C  42D  42DD  42DDD  42E  42F  42FF  42G  42GG  42H  42HH  42I  42J  
    44 44A  44B  44C  44D  44DD  44DDD  44E  44F  44FF  44G  44GG  44H  44HH  44I  44J  
    46 46A  46B  46C  46D  46DD  46DDD  46E  46F  46FF  46G  46GG  46H  46HH  46I  46J  
    48 48A  48B  48C  48D  48DD  48DDD  48E  48F  48FF  48G  48GG  48H  48HH  48I  48J  
    50 50A  50B  50C  50D  50DD  50DDD  50E  50F  50FF  50G  50GG  50H  50HH  50I  50J  
    52 52B  52C  52D  52DD  52DDD  52E  52F  52FF  52G  52GG  52H  52HH  52I  52J  
    54 54B  54C  54D  54DD  54DDD  54E  54F  54FF  54G  54GG  54H  54HH  54I  54J  

Bare Necessities has an all around selection of European designers, and a large selection of everyday wear, sexy lingerie, loungewear, lingerie care items, a men’s section, and sales often!

“Named as one of the 10 fastest growing inner city companies in America by the ICIC and Inc. Magazine” Bare Necessities is an online boutique of epic proportions.

Established over 10 years ago with the mission to supply the right size at the right price, they have developed a huge client base.

Average figure? Full figure? Petite? Their collections will satisfy any woman since they carry sizes 30AA-54H. The nuances of a small shop with an abundant selection, creates an enjoyable and satisfying shopping experience.

They’ve been featured in INStyle, Lucky and Shop etc. to name a few.

Bare Necessities exceeds every expectation. You can search by size, designer, type of panty, and more, lessening the amount of time you spend searching for the right size. They supply real time inventory, and detailed product information for your convenience.

“Our unparalleled brand selection fully represents the varied needs of our customers as well as the finest style, quality and value.”