Dollhouse Bettie got its start in the early winter of 2004 selling on eBay under the name Dollhouse Vintage. In an attempt to clean out my closet, I listed a few random items for sale at auction, and three weeks later I was dropping out of my masters program to sell full time online. It’s been a whirlwind ride since then, and nonstop madness since Eric and I opened our shop doors on Haight Street in March of 2007. But I don’t think I could imagine life any other way.

Coming from a music and theater performance background, costuming, dress up, glamour, and over the top femininity were usually part of my daily routine. I spent many hours hunched over my sewing machine concocting outrageous outfits and headgear for my characters and shows. I love designing new, vintage inspired lingerie, and hope to have more styles available under our own brand soon.

A lot of people assume that I’m Bettie, and it’s funny because I regularly get phone messages or mail addressed that way. But Betty Grable was and forever will be the quintessential 1940s pinup girl, and it’s to her and all the pinup girls next door that we pay homage.

By honoring this classic image of womanhood we hope to bring back an awareness of femininity that doesn’t just focus on your thong or your cup size. We want to bring back a little mystery, a good deal of romance, and a whole lot of glamour.

Michelle & Eric