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L’ECOLE NUIT is a fine European lingerie boutique offering the ultimate in luxury and seduction. Our carefully curated collection of designer lingerie incorporates timeless styles adorned with fashionable details and are made from the finest materials, shaping a beautiful silhouette that will make you radiate with beauty and confidence. Our lingerie appeals to the cosmopolitan woman, who lives life with passion, curiosity and imagination. She is independent, confident and not afraid to explore her sensual, feminine side. Possessing her own unique style, her fashion reflects a discerning taste for quality.

L’ECOLE NUIT’s e-boutique centers on The Collections, a series of visual and textual vignettes that invite you to escape into a world of mystery and glamour by experiencing the sumptuous boudoir of La Parisienne – an elegant, independent, not very sincere and therefore infinitely seductive woman. Like the mythical parisienne of the nineteenth century, she is a woman of luxury – a seductress blessed with an elegant beauty who lures men into pleasing her own desires.

Whether you are a femme coquette, à la mode, mystérieuse, fatale or femme de mariage, the Collections will transport you into the nocturnal world of La Parisienne as you tailor your outfit to suit your mood.

L’ECOLE NUIT will become your premier place to discover the fine art of seduction – where every night is a special occasion.

Biography – Kristine Isberg

With L’ECOLE NUIT, founder Kristine Isberg, combines her expertise in European art history and passion for French culture to create a unique shopping experience that takes you on a romantic journey which begins when the twilight world emerges and the shadows cast by lamplights reveal hidden desires concealed by the conservative day.

L’ECOLE NUIT is an homage to the night. Its inspiration comes from this magical time when anything is possible and daydreams become reality. While studying Europe’s rich visual and material cultural heritage, Kristine spent time in Paris, London, Rome and Vienna. It was in these fabled cities that she first realized the alluring power of night – a time of serene beauty and charm that awakens the senses and recalls girlhood dreams of romance and adventure.

For Kristine, lingerie is the perfect compliment to la nuit – when a woman can explore her sensuality, freed from the inhibitions set forth by social mores. With this in mind and remaining faithful to her art historical background, Kristine seeks exclusively European designers whose pieces incorporate timeless styles adorned with fashionable details and are made from rich, sumptuous materials that reflect passion and devotion to quality and craftsmanship.

In her own words:

For me, the night brings with it a sense of excitement and adventure – when the darkened city streets become dramatic backdrops for romantic encounters – when couples, illuminated by the soft glow of candlelight, linger over a glass of wine. With the European collection, I wanted to offer women lingerie that conjures this romantic notion through Old World fashion and glamour.

L’ECOLE NUIT was conceived to be an evocative experience of love and intrigue. The lingerie is meant to inspire you to seek out romance and glamour – to live life passionately and seduce him on your terms with confidence and elegance.