Lilac Lingerie is privately owned by the Kutrovsky family and it is managed by Emilia Kutrovska.

The boutique opened doors on August 12, 2010 and has quickly attracted the attention of many Ottawa residents with its personable one-on-one client service, reasonable pricing and quality of brands from around the world. Located in the trendy Westboro, the Lilac boutique is proudly offering a variety of services for Ottawa fashionistas, moms and brides.

The idea changed and developed over the years until it came to find its true shape. A shopping trip finally prompted her to think, “what if I just did this myself”. The concept was so vibrant and so big that it seemed as though it was building upon itself.

Emilia’s passion for lingerie, stemming from a strong belief in women’s sophistication, independence and self-confidence was the initial force that drove the brand.

Lilac Lingerie “was named Lilac, after the dark, deep purple shade of the flower, rare and powerful in its presence. The brand further embodies the unique qualities of lilacs, their elegance, delicacy, along with their memorable and very gentle scent.”