At Now That’s Lingerie, we believe that some of the most important things in life are learned through experience. With over twenty-five years of devotion to (and from) our loyal customers, we have fine-tuned our skills in both bra fitting and personalized service.

Ten years ago, we transitioned from a brick-and-mortar retail lingerie boutique based in Montreal, Canada, to an online presence, steadily building our customer base and reputation. Our claim to fame is our resident Bra Doctor, who quickly responds to any of your bra fitting questions, helping to guide you in finding your ideal bra size and shape.

While other larger online retailers may make you feel like nothing more than an order number, we strive to bring the personal, human aspect and unique touch of a lingerie boutique, to the convenience of our easy to browse online store.

Over the years, we have been motivated by our customers’ appreciation for our personalized customer service and commitment to excellence in the quality and value of our products. To this end, we have worked closely with a Montreal-based manufacturer, to create our own brand names, Bra Doctor, and Now That’s Lingerie.