Cheri started with this in mind, many lingerie shoppers don’t have a physical store, close to them, that a good selection of lingerie. Or they just prefer to shop from home.

When looking for manufacturers, Cheri wanted to carry a wide selection of sizes and styles, “because I think with lingerie you may not know what you want until you see it,” Cheri told me. You may find a style or piece you never knew existed.

Cheri and her husband have a love for people. They enjoy going to brew festivals, concerts, and parks to people watch. Noticing all the differences in humans, they decided to put customer service first.

They keep a minimal inventory to cut down on the costs of overstocking. That way the customer is not paying the high costs of warehouse overhead. This could be problematic for those who need an item quickly.

This is where her customer service model takes effect. Cheri personally contacts the customer within a day or two of the order to inform them of the estimated arrival date of their package. At this time she will answer any questions they may have, and “working with the customer to choose just the right item that fits their budget, taste and any deadline they may have.”

This is why Cheri offers free shipping an every order. Since she can’t compete with same day shipping from large corporate stores, she concentrates on personal attention, service, and great pricing!

OhCheri! had been online since January, 2008. Cheri and her husband love their business, and have recently made it their full time career. The research, customer service, and learning about marketing a start up business keep life for Cheri exciting and busy.

With clients from around the globe, I have a feeling she will be in business for years to come.