Lailina Smith founded SHE, Specializing in Lingerie & Swimwear. During a successful corporate career, Lailina took a trip to Europe and for the first time in her adult life, was fitted into her proper bra size. Prior to the fitting she was a 36C, after the fitting, she was a 30E.

It was shocking that she was actually wearing a bra 6 inches too big in the back, meaning all the weight of her breasts were weighing on her shoulders, giving her tremendous back & neck pain and bad posture.

The experience had a profound impression on her, but once back home, she could not find a store that could duplicate her experience in Europe. Sometimes she could find the right fit through a specialty store, but the style was just not in line with her fashion forward sense.

Frustrated, Lailina started SHE and has since grown to 2 locations, expanded to cup-sized swimwear, and has been voted “Best in Lingerie” last 5 years!

Lailina and husband, Brandon, now both own and operate their stores together.

The “Real” Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Brandon and Lailina, own and operate SHE, Specializing in Lingerie & Swimwear. Lailina’s background is in Computer Science and Business Operations. Brandon has an extensive Sales background with a Fortune 500 company.

Together, they bring a unique experience to boutique shopping and have grown the company to 2 store locations. Visit them at their Uptown 17th Avenue location in the historic Devenish Building, or at their Westhills Towne Centre location.

Voted “Best in Lingerie” 5 years in a row by Calgary residents, we take pride in our one-on-one personal shopping experience and boast international collections in which you do not have to sacrifice style and comfort for great support!

“At SHE, you are always welcome to come in for a Free Bra Fitting…In addition we have new collections for as low as $39.99.”

SHE is a Brick & Mortar Boutique