Toronto’s Most Wanted lingerie was founded on the basis of a sole principle: The individual expression of one’s femininity is an empowering thing.

TMW’s founder, Julie Anne Shultz, came up with the concept in response to what she saw as an unfulfilled need in a market that can be intimidating for the average woman.

“Great lingerie, worn under a suit or in the bedroom, is a powerful thing, because it helps women to frame their bodies in a way that makes them feel truly sexy.”

TMW operates on this foundation, offering customers the opportunity to explore their own ideas of femininity in comfortable surroundings, whether in their own homes, surrounded by friends, or with the aid of a trained consultant.

Whether you are a woman who is intimidated by the idea of lingerie shopping or one who feels confident navigating the racks herself, we offer an experience that is positive and non- judgemental.