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Boux Avenue

Boux Avenue - Designer Lingerie
  • city n/a
  • United Kingdom

Born out of a love for lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and all things romantic, with a desire to bring traditional service, superior fit and outstanding quality to a modern and beautiful setting, Boux Avenue is a luxurious shopping haven. With an unrivalled eye for detail, passion for gorgeousness and ...

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La Lilouche

La Lilouche - Designer Lingerie
  • Bangalore
  • India

La Lilouche is a Handmade Luxury designer lingerie & Bridalwear boutique that was born out of love of fashion, color & textiles with an emphasis on Elegant seductive boudoir & high end lingerie. Inspire women to be style conscious, trendy, flaunting their femininity and ...

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The Bra Angel

The Bra Angel
  • Barry
  • United Kingdom

We are a small company based in Cardiff South Wales UK. We produce and manufacture bra accessory products. We have won numerous awards for innovation and design and are continually looking to improve our product range. They say the best things come in small packages, and they were right. The Bra Angel ...

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DirectorySexy offers a simple and easy to use interface providing intimate apparel professionals and consumers with a tool to find and research all things lingerie. Included in each entry are links to social networks, images, categories based upon lingerie styles, bra styles, corset styles, general lingerie categories such as Bespoke, Bridal and Sleepwear, as well as contact links and additional company information supplied directly by the company.

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