The Lingerie Diet
Margaret Shrum
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The Lingerie Diet is the brainchild of Margaret Shrum. Margaret has been working in fashion, particularly “boudoir fashion,” for over two decades. Her unique combination of life coaching/lingerie consulting—what she calls The Lingerie Diet—has been transforming the lives of busy New Yorkers for the past few years.

Now she’s bringing her means of transformation to women everywhere through her online community site called ‘The Circle’.

Working hands on with celebrity clients, literally fitting thousands of women in fine lingerie contributed to the solid foundation for her life’s work. Her expertise and passion continued to grow from there.

After enough tireless encouragement and support from her clients, fans and closest friends alike, she decided to finally step into the spotlight herself, so that she could touch the lives of so many more women worldwide….and that’s exactly what she did.

It’s Margaret’s hope for every woman — including her own daughter — that she enjoy her size, shape and age at every point throughout her lifetime.

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