Amor Latino combines the allure of classic sensuality with modern design and simplicity. The company had meager beginnings in 2000, started by two sisters in Argentina, after having traveled and seen the world.

“At Amor Latino we think of interesting, passionate, mysterious, sexy women; those hiding a secret.”

Currently the sisters only produce limited edition collections, even though demand is high. They decide to design lingerie for women not for the trends.

They do not wish to sacrifice beauty and simplicity for haste in production. Each collection is aimed at all ages of women through the use of colors, fabric choices, prints, and accents.

Choose from collections like L’Hotel, Chez Madame Anais, and Isabella. L’Hotel has a gorgeous kimono in a soft pink print. Chez Madame Anais has a more “boudoir” quality about it. Lastly, Isabella is characterized by the use of delicate lace embellishments.

In the products section on the site you will find a multitude of addition products. Some of these are: bikinis, cotton sleep shirts, pants and accessories.

“….they spotted a gap for lingerie that was feminine but yet different and innovative – and sexy, of course.”