In 1875 Dr. Bernard started producing corsets with the company that would give rise to Aubade. Always an innovator, the first to introduce matched sets, colored underwear, has made them world renowned. The epitome of design, elegance, femininity, and the HIGHEST quality have always described Aubade. Ultra chic and wearable everyday!

The company has been in existence for more than century and is led by the third generation Pasquier family. Aubade, the design bran, was started in 1958 by Claude Pasquier and has risen to become one of the most respected lingerie design labels in the world.

In 1963 Aubade was the first company to use color, matched sets, and original prints in underwear, starting a long history of innovations and advances in the industry. This innovation has itself become the foundations for entire collections from designers and companies around the world.

They were also the first company to present lingerie as an affordable luxury that every woman could afford.

Then in 1972 they invented the strapless bra, followed by the tanga in 1979, which has grown into a house hold name. Aubade also chose to show their products in black and white photography, displaying the true nuances of the bra without the distracting effect of the model’s skin tone.

They also kept the models faces out of the picture to create a better connection to the women seeking lingerie.

Five Pasquiers run and manage the firm, emphasizing integrity, innovation and the finest quality. They continue to deliver season after season on a long line of success and creativity.

Aubade designs elegance, sophistication, and decadence into every garment to achieve the finest in lingerie.