Axfords Corsets was founded in 1880, and has been in business continuously for over 120 years. It is a privately owned family business run by Michael Hammond. The company mixes Victorian traditions with contemporary technology to produce some of the finest corsets in the world.

‘Axfords is a unique company, which mixes Victorian traditions with modern technology to supply corsets worldwide, both retail and wholesale.’

Every Axfords corset is sewn together by hand, and by the same corsetiere from start to finish. No machine ever touches their designs to ensure quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. ‘We pride ourselves on the quality of our garments, our high standard of customer care and the speed of our delivery.’

Axfords Corsets collections are divided as follows: Underbust, Overbust, Leather and Suede, Bridal, Plus Size and Gentlemen. Corset accessories include: Suspender belts, stockings, underwear, corset laces, and corset suspenders. Catalogs are offered on a first come first serve basis with each order.

Axfords Corsets also provides links on their website to corset resources, such as reading materials and a video on the making of a corset. Wholesale opportunities are listed as well. If the site does not answer your questions you can contact Michael directly via email.