BonBon Lingerie is a lingerie design group with its roots in Estonia and operating out of Estonia and Australia. BonBon Lingerie was founded in 2004 and has already left an impression on several European countries. The design firm is now ready to expand into other countries across the globe.

“BonBon Lingerie is all about bringing the often so hard to come by gutsy femininity with a positive attitude to the wider public.”

While BonBon Lingerie has grown in the last few years they have not forgotten their view and understanding of what fine lingerie is. BonBon Lingerie does not compromise on any of the materials and fabrics used in their designs and collections. “It’s what on the inside that counts, and that’s exactly what we think too.”

It’s the European fabrics and textiles along with a locally (Estonian) manufactured collection that guarantees the highest quality of craftsmanship which in turn puts the ‘magic’ into BonBon Lingerie.

The designers behind BonBon Lingerie embrace comfort, fun and elegance producing a lingerie label that is feminine, alluring and playful while being comfortable and easy to wear. Combined with this is the personal attention to detail put into every design, style and customer.

BonBon Lingerie produces sexy sophistication with a fun twist in bare essentials, funky bits of lace as well as great colors and an infusion of glamour. BonBon Lingerie also has a line for Men, as they do not want to forget about the other half.

We take into consideration comfort, beauty and trends. BonBon lingerie can be pop as well as glamorous, and sometimes extremely soft and comfy. BonBon is a lingerie trademark for a woman who is free-spirited and young at heart.