“From Herminie Cadolle, in 1889, who freed women by inventing the first Bra, to Poupie Cadolle at the present time, each CADOLLE generation has maintained their individuality while at the same time giving each creation the Cadolle touch, to the great pleasure of their clients world wide.”

Herminie loved adventure, so she packed her bags and left for Argentina, a growing country in South America. Buenos Aires is where she opened her first boutique. She traveled between Buenos Aires and Paris regularly to bring the techniques and craftsmanship to her new workers. In addition to her sense of adventure, Herminie had a mind for business, which was rare at the time.

She never missed the great exhibitions of her time, The World’s Fairs. It was in 1889 in Paris at the World exhibition that she unveiled the bra. This was the same Exhibition that gave us the Eiffel Tower.

She had invented the first BRA which she patented and initially called the “corselet gorge”. She was also the first to have spinners use elastic in their threads of fabric, for ease of fit and comfort.

“there was no other company in the market offering products that could rival them, and the awards reflected this success; medals from Saint Petersburg in 1904, Chicago in 1906, Saint-Louis in 1907, Paris in 1910…”

Currently, the fifth generation of the Cadolle family, Poupie Cadolle, guides the company according to her great-great-grandmother’s vision. Poupie meets with each of her clients herself. Adding that personal touch which most companies have forgotten, and “she continues to be much-loved by her clients.”