Cammello Maculato Lingerie was created to inspire women to live their sensuality – in an attractive and self-assured manner, for yourself and others.

The Berlin designer Theresa Beiglböck designs favorite pieces and has the ambition to bring to the individual beauty of every woman to bear.

Cammello Maculato Lingerie is the expression of self-love and ennobles the woman who wears them. The multifaceted Lingerie of the label is capable of a variety of special occasions, to be worn both under and over clothing, as homewear or as part of an evening outfit.

The attention is concentrated on perfect fit and sophisticated finish. Theresa Beiglböck respects with the careful selection of its European manufacturing partner to optimum working conditions and uses only high quality materials and ingredients to ensure maximum comfort and sustainability. Her inspiration is the style-conscious designer into fresh, graceful and casually elegant creations.