Charnos has been designing innovative and elegant lingerie since 1958. They believe that lingerie should fit well, first and foremost. With over 8 different collections as well as swimwear and 50s styled corsets and a history of fine hosiery, you will be ravishing in Charnos.

Charnos was founded in 1935 by Charles Noskwith as a stocking company. They have had their share of firsts in the industry. They were the first UK company to market run resistant stockings and stretch stockings.

In 1958 a lingerie collection was created to compliment the already successful hosiery brand. The company grew so much during the 1960s that a new factory had to built and used.

Their lingerie has always been synonymous with style and the perfect fit. After all, if the lingerie doesn’t fit well, why are going to wear it? They design gorgeous lace bras and shapewear to comfort you in your day to day activities. Two tone embroidery from Switzerland and clean lines accent and caress your shape every time you wear it.

Anti-static Nylon was first introduced in the 1970s by Charnos, perhaps the biggest break through since the change from silk to nylon. Charnos is an ultra-feminine, style forward and sophisticated design group providing the utmost quality in lingerie, hosiery and swimwear.

This period marked the entry of luxe European styles being incorporated into the British lingerie market with much success.

In 1999 they introduced BIOFORM fabric. It was designed in conjunction with appliance inventors and designers to produce this fantastic supporting and comforting fabric. This new material will literally change the face of the lingerie industry forever.

Charnos is still and will forever be associated with the elegance and sophistication of the female form. Their lingerie is imaginatively created to fit well and comfortably while still being sexy, sophisticated and alluring.