All we wanted was a pretty bra that fit.

Claudette is a company owned and operated by women – we have owned lots of bras. Plenty of fancy bras, fashion bras, a bunch of every day bras, sports bras etc. But there was always something that wasn’t quite right.

In more than 25 years of retail experience we have learned that women who are passionate about a product will search everywhere until they find what they are looking for. We are passionate about beautiful high quality lingerie that fits right and looks great.

And so Claudette™ was born.

Our collections are in tune with prêt-à-porter stories of the season, but follow our own unique styles. With an expert eye on detail and full attention to fit, our Claudette brassiere collections range from A to G cup and everything in between.

Amazing fit in sensational colors and styles.

Love, Claudette.