Cotton Club is an Italian design group specializing in the ultra chic, elegant and everyday glamour. They have several labels though which they distribute gorgeous lingerie. Gorgeous fabrics in luxe tones and colors add sensuality to the everyday.

The Rubino collection is their everyday wear label. The bras are cut to cradle you, not push you in place. Underwear styles in this collection include: thongs, bikinis, boyshorts, the sexiest shapewear garments we have seen, and a wide assortment of bra styles.

All of these are available in basic colors, black, white, beige, and nude. Not too many embellishments of lace or trim, but ultra sexy!

The Oro label has a mix of seductive lingerie and everyday wear, a blend of functionality and sensuality, laces and light weight fabrics. The bra selection consists of full lace bras, great for the boudoir or the boardroom, full coverage, and balconets. As well as some elegant gowns and baby dolls.

Cotton Club has a few more collections. They are/were Argento, Mare 2008, R. Crescentini, Natale, and Seta. The R.Crescentini (RC) label is highly seductive, while the Mare collection is fun and light. Some of these collections are no longer available. Current collections are listed below.

“The essence of Italian style and lingerie.”