Damaris was created and started at the kitchen table of 25 year old Damaris Evans. With a small loan, she purchased materials to make samples of the first collection. Damaris set her sights on the top.

The collection starts with a price of £125 and top out at £3,000. Her designs took a foothold immediately in the two stores of Le Bonne Marche and Selfridges.

She gained her rapid success due to her ideas of private showings to stylists, writers, and members of the press. It was a hit! Shortly after these encounters she was featured in Vogue, followed by Elle bestowing the name ‘Lingerie Queen’ to Damaris.

This created an instant fan base of celebrities, royalty and executives. There is one Damaris bikini release each year.

“she picked-up an Elle Style Award for ‘Young Enterprise of the Year’ for the Spring/Summer 2003 collection.” Her signature bow was loved by designers to such a degree that she was forced to bring a legal case against them. She has settled out of court.

After this battle was won, she released the long anticipated Mimi Holiday line.

Mimi Holiday garments start at £25 for a pair of knickers to £39 for a bra. This line is a more mainstream version of Damaris. It was designed to satisfy the need for daywear and for those who cannot stretch to the price of Damaris.

Despite its mid line price, Mimi Holiday can be found with high end designers in boutiques around the world. Damaris can be found in over 50 countries around the world.