Elise Aucouturier started her label in 2001, after working for several large design groups. She wanted a return to French styles, and has proven herself in her designs. Her use of colors and contemporary techniques makes for an extremely French and feminine collection.

Elise was born in Paris in 1969, and graduated form Esmod design school, a premier fashion school in France. She specialized in the design, production and manufacturing of lingerie.

For a time, after graduating, Elise worked with the American company Vanity Fair. She designed for different brands and collections under the Vanity Fair name. She also worked for well known studios such as: Christian Dior and a few others. After this, and two children, she decided to start her own label.

The use of color is amazing in her 2008 collection. Her color choices are out of the ordinary which makes them that much more appealing. Very light and flowing designs create an ambiance of angelic grace. The classics collection is exactly that, classic French lingerie presented with a few contemporary nuances.

…each collection attempts to reflect her own style: modern, elegant and undeniably French.