Established by Valeria Meazzo, Fichissima was an immediate hit after an intimate Christmas showing. Interest was a fore gone conclusion, as the buzz for Fichissima grew from its onset.

The name itself brought much talk, as it is based in a slang Italian term ‘fichissimo’ meaning ‘trendy, cute and cool.’ The term has now taken on new meanings (‘successful and ‘charming’), due to the success of Fichissima.

The meanings, and more to the point, ideals of fichissimo are what inspired Valeria “to create a collection whose styles would have fully and successfully embodied her idea of woman, with a touch of self-mockery, fun and seduction.”

She worked for Intima Moda for 20 years on the creation of brands such as Verde Veronica and Verdissima. After a time she decided that she wanted to do more, and created Fichissima.

Inspiration and influences were taken from Barbie dolls, the colors of her dreams, and pretty pinks from childhood. The idea is to engulf yourself into your dreams. “In other words, I have been trying to create a sensual collection, which would nonetheless catch your attention by being very sweet, tender and romantic”