After spending her childhood in North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany, Jutta came to the conclusion that she would need to move to a large city in order to flourish. She moved to Berlin to study design, as she had started making clothes for herself.

She took an internship position in London for a company that supplied fashion to retailers like Topshop; hard work, but well worth it.

She was exposed to parts of the business and industry that she would not have learned in a classroom giving her an edge over the competition.

Fishbelly was born out of her graduation project on latex; an examination of the play between fetish and fashion. This led her to lingerie; she also had loads of press coverage on TV and radio which gave her a name before her label had been conceived.

If you could sum up fishbelly it might be something like this: “be free and wild, but always fashionable.” Fishbelly is a name that Jutta received in London and has become a personal expression.

After graduating in 1996 she started her shop in Berlin supplying high end lingerie labels like Dolce & Gabbana and Blumarine and made quite the name for herself and her soon to be lingerie label, fishbelly.

In 2002 Jutta released her first line of lingerie, fun and youthful but grounded at the same time, a reflection of the culture in Berlin which was composed of artists from all over.

A fishbelly woman is sophisticated, cosmopolitan, and open minded; she is not afraid to try new styles or mix them together.

Inspirations come from a variety of sources; from Sex in the City to the burlesque and pin-up styles of the 40s and 50s. Jutta starts with the fabrics and draws ideas and insights from there to produce sexy and fun lingerie.

Her designs are made in Berlin while the production locations are in Italy, Germany and Eastern Europe.