Fortnight Lingerie is designed to be different. Made in Canada, Fortnight combines strong, sexy aesthetics with highly tailored sizing to create undergarments that are both luxurious and versatile.

Each lingerie piece is designed to make your body and wardrobe look its best by mixing clean lines with discreet detailing in sizes that actually fit.

At Fortnight, we realize that our bodies are unique. Many women don’t fit into the narrow size range offered by most North American manufacturers, which only range from 34-38, A-D. This only covers 30% of all sizes, forcing many of us to wear bras that do not give proper support, and are uncomfortable. Fortnight Lingerie carries a larger scale of sizes, ranging from 30-38, A-E.

Embracing modern styling with vintage glamour, this is lingerie for the free-spirited, for women who love luxury, embrace fashion and appreciate quality in every aspect of their lives.