Founded in 1901 Gossard has a long history spanning almost 100 years and several countries. It was established in Chicago in 1901 by Henry William Gossard who was touched and inspired by Sarah Bernhardt in a movie where she played Napoleon II. A corset was used to change her shape.

During the 1930s Gossard is bought by a UK company and ceases to be an American corporation. When World War II broke out in Europe the company turned its efforts to making sails, parachutes and single seat fighter floatation devices.

Gossard introduced the Wonderbra in the 60s along with their foray into fashionable underwear and lingerie, prior to this they only produced support garments. In 1994 Playtex acquired the Wonderbra and Gossard launched the “Ultrabra Superboost” in retaliation.

Today Gossard designs and distributes to countries all over the world.