Huit has been in business for 40 years, and is famous for simple, elegant lingerie. They were the masterminds behind the ‘titcha’ craze, the almost cult following, in the 1970s. Frills, and sheer fabrics abound in their glamour collections, while their essentials are simple and sexy.

Huit was founded in 1968 to produce women’s undergarments and lingerie. Since that time they have become innovators and leaders within the industry. With new accents and ideals added to traditional French techniques, Huit has the future in its hands.

Huit re-released the Titcha style to commemorate its 40th birthday in February of 2008. The titcha style’s calling card is the ultra-thin and stretching material combined with ‘nipple’ blossoms, a sinfully sexy combination.

The new version is simply a contemporary to the old; the only differences are fabrics, and a better cut to the fabric. Over 6 million women bought the original.

Huit was the pioneer in seamless underwear during the 70s and still is today. There lingerie and underwear gives the perfect silhouette, regardless of how form fitting the outfit is. 30 years of experience has given Huit unparalleled success.