Jane Pain is not just lingerie; it is art. The Argentinean based design label has much to offer: from reserved to outlandish and from seductive to playful. A strong sense of innovative design and color marks all of the pieces in her collections.

Patricia Salinas, founder and designer of Jane Pain, was a sociologist prior to becoming a designer, a self made designer at that. Her ideas and notions of design and the feminine form are completely intuitive. Her father was a designer of fabric prints and passed his passion of it to Patricia.

Soon after she started “playing” with fabrics, colors and designs she had pieces of her collection being sold in boutiques in Buenos Aires.

Patricia designs from the heart, delivering modern designs yet still retaining the softness of femininity. Her collections blend seamlessly the ideals of sensual well being and sexual appeal, a marriage of styles not commonly seen. Creativity is at the core of Jane Pain, one collection, “Psycho Candy” is a testament to just that.

It is a playful treat, much like candy, that can be worn all day, and then peeled off to reveal an even better surprise inside. This is the most luxurious collection of hers thus far in her career, designed in Italian satins, and trimmed with handmade details the collection will stop anyone and make them take notice.

A simple everyday collection entitled “CottonCandy” and as the name suggests it is all cotton. The comfort of fine spun cotton in your busy everyday is a luxury every woman should indulge in. Themed colors of red and violet add to the fun and playful nature of the collection.