Kriss Soonik Loungerie is a designer lingerie brand on a mission to create breathtakingly gorgeous lingerie for girl-hearted women.

Kriss essentially starts a new way of thinking about underwear as outer wear. Traditionally this style has been applied to corsets and evening wear alone. Kriss decided to apply that notion to every other style. For example, “…wearing velour gowns to a chic Sunday brunch.”

In 2009 Kriss once again stretched the accepted and introduced the world to loungerie.

“Loungerie is luxe loungewear at its freshest, blurring the boundaries with fashion. It’s not cute and sweet, it’s sexy and powerful. It is loungewear with an edge.”

She produces two collections each year “with the understanding that all women can be superheroes. This is lingerie and loungewear that empower, inspire and break the rules.”

Kriss Soonik Loungerie collections are produced in Kriss’ home country of Estonia from the finest materials she finds around the globe.

Her inspiration comes from a wide variety of sources and genres attesting to her unique style and ability to think in new directions. A few such inspirational sources are: Manga Comics superheroins and cult films blending the nostalgic with the modern.

Kriss Soonik Loungerie breaks from the old without discarding it, and each new collection innovates and continually awes and inspires.