La Lilouche is a Handmade Luxury designer lingerie & Bridalwear boutique that was born out of love of fashion, color & textiles with an emphasis on Elegant seductive boudoir & high end lingerie.

Inspire women to be style conscious, trendy, flaunting their femininity and feel desirable!

La Lilouche designs and makes all this Luxurious high quality lingerie in the boutique, where you can find beautiful hand finished lingerie pieces that are as sophisticated as they are erotic. From designer bras to the perfect babydoll for a Romantic night inn.

Sweet honeymoon, maybe a weekend Teaser! or just as treat! The brand offers lingerie for the discriminating fashionistas and the men who loves them.

Our collection is inspired by vintage boudoir, seduction, refined elegance and mostly couture fashion!!. We believe lingerie is much about outerwear as underwear.

Wearing them for your intimate moments or just as part as your signature stylish dressing look! we create only limited editions collections, with exclusivity in design that would offer a glimpse into your secret self and always allow you to be unique.

Using 100% silk fabrics, satin silk, Chantilly laces, power-nets with such exquisite details of ribbons, beads, Swarovski crystals and each individual piece hand finished.

All La Lilouche orders arrive beautifully gift wrapped in gold tissue paper inside a stylish silk & tulle handbag with a big ribbon bow!