Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear is a full service online adult store.

Liberator Bedroom Adventure Gear is a love-style brand; the kind of luxury found when sexual health and wellness meets ingenious design. Liberator has been at the forefront of bringing love-style furniture into the mainstream lifestyle.

Liberator transforms the power of sex into something much deeper — helping couples experience love, liberated.

The company was born from the work of founder Louis Friedman, who understood the importance of a holistic approach to mutual intimacy. From personal experience he knew that one of the most important parts of any monogamous relationship is variety, and the willingness to explore and share new sexual ideas and perspectives.

Inspired by a magazine article that extolled the endless benefits of pillows during lovemaking, Louis embarked on a research and development odyssey. The end result? Great new angles on lovemaking, and the birth of the Liberator brand.

Liberator gear fuses visionary and modern designs with the highest quality materials, transforming ordinary bedrooms into erotic terrain. Not only does Liberator design and create fantastic bedroom furniture, they design and produce gorgeous lingerie and latex fetish clothing.

Styles range from playful to seductive and from naughty to every day. Gorgeous corsets in latex, stockings and garters to match as well as bra sets and angelic babydolls.

Our customers know that when they buy Liberator, they’re getting the quality and peace of mind that comes standard with all of our products. They know that they’re joining the Liberator revolution—a new way in approaching mutual intimacy and holistic sexual experiences.”