Maidenform is a “company founded on consumer-driven marketing and innovative advertising.” Ida Rosenthal and Enid Bissett started in New York as a dress shop in 1922 on 57th street.

At this period the flat chested shape was the trend. Bissett insisted that a dress looks and fit much better over a natural bust.

She decided to remedy this by altering the existing boy like bandeau. She separated the cups with a piece of elastic; Rosenthal’s husband, William, then modified the garment’s shape to adhere to the contours of a woman’s natural figure.

They named it the “Maidenform Brassiere” and it was sewn into each dress. The brassiere was soon requested as a separate garment by customers.

Through the 20’s and 30’s the company set up a manufacturing company called “Enid Manufacturing Company” to meet the demand for the “Maidenform Brassiere.” They also filed a patent for a brassiere that supported the breasts in their natural position. This is the foundation for the modern up-lift bra was born.

They revolutionized advertising as well. “The Dream campaign ran from 1949 through 1969 and revolutionized intimate apparel advertising by featuring women in their bras acting out fantasies of independence in public places.”

The campaign changed through out the years to appeal to the changing trends in the life styles of women. New ad campaigns were directed at women in the workforce. This was there tagline: “The Maidenform Woman. You Never Know Where She’ll Turn Up.”

Today Maidenform owns Flexees, and Lillyette, and is sold in the online boutique and at retailers around the world.

“Conveying the essence of the new spirit of Maidenform, anchored with an iconic Pink M, and reinforcing the ‘icon’ that is Maidenform, the ads strengthen the bond and continue to contribute to the success of the brand.”