Rooted in French codes of pleasure, Maison Close reinvents the fetish pieces of a woman’s intimate wardrobe. Through lingerie and accessories, the brand sets a sensual tone and presents intimate interludes, moments of intense pleasure that transcend the everyday.

These collections, created for women in search of the delicately erotic, are distinguished by their subtle elegance, sprinkled with a hint of naturalness.

A Maison Close woman treats herself to genuine objects of desire that are delightfully luxurious and sophisticated. Maison Close lingerie draws from retro erotic symbols and updates the classicism of pieces found in a woman’s wardrobe.

The collections are regularly enriched with original and daring ensembles. Bodices, catsuits and corset bras have come to represent the Maison Close look. Suspenders, which hint at brazenness, appear on modern lingerie pieces, combining comfort and erotic suggestion.

Ready-to-wear, fine or special-occasion lingerie: sometimes lines are blurred in the world of Maison Close. Boldness expresses itself in the fantastical world of Maison Close collections through original pieces.

The Maison Close woman can take turns playing any passionate role she wants, as she likes.

With its suggestive, even provocative name (conveying a high-class house of ill repute), Maison Close proudly displays its French roots, expressing adventurousness and its own interpretation of feminine sensuality.

Maison Close was launched in 2007, proposing delicately erotic lingerie and accessories that gently hint at decadence.

The brand reinterprets Art Nouveau and Belle Epoque-era aesthetics, when sensuality was the essence of all creative acts.
Taking inspiration from the boudoir, Maison Close appeals to women in search of a refined imaginary world they would like to share.

Bring sensuality into your intimate feminine wardrobe.