Welcome to my world. Lingerie has been a passion of mine for many years. There are so many aspects to explore. Lingerie brings the glamour, the sensuality, the sexy, the style, the elegance and of course the romance together in so many ways. There is the modern and the vintage, the minimalist and the opulent and I love to play across all these areas. I also love to blur the line between lingerie and outerwear. You get to decide how you want to wear it.

Lingerie is fun too and I like to try new ideas out and explore the possibilities. There are so many wonderful materials to work with. You will find me using beautiful, lustrous silks, incredibly soft cotton mesh and modals alongside merino wool, powernet and a variety of other materials to create garments for your pleasure.

Beautiful lingerie is not just about special occasions, although of course it is wonderful to put on that extra special set but it is or at least it should be a part of your normal wardrobe. Why shouldn’t you feel fabulous all the time? Even if nobody else can see it, you know how wonderful it feels and why shouldn’t we all have a little glamour in our day.

Born in South Africa, from an early age Marion Liese (pronounced Lee-za) pursued her interest in fashion and art including commissioned artworks and designing and making clothes for herself and others. Upon graduating University in New Zealand with a Fine Arts Degree, Marion pursued the knowledge and opportunities to gain the skills that led to her first position designing intimate apparel which has since become a passion.

After designing for a number of lingerie companies both in New Zealand and Australia including Fayreform, Finelines, which won an Australian Fashion Award for Lingerie while she was the Head of Design and more recently designing for Willow Lingerie, where after the first showing at Interfiliere Lyon, world leading fashion trend forecaster WGSN listed the label in their top ten to watch list.

Marion has since decided to launch her own label. The aim is to bring Marions own unique creations to those that appreciate a more individual style. Some designs are obviously seen as lingerie but others blur the line between lingerie and outerwear. How to wear them is part of the fun for you to decide. Naturally the fit and quality are important aspects of the creations as they must not only be visually appealing and feel wonderful on the body but it is the design that sets them apart from others.

Dreams are the wishes of your heart……listen to your heart.”