Mint Siren is a label providing provocative clothing and lingerie for women. Mint Siren is the child of Swedish designer Josefine Wing; her style is provocative, playful, a little retro and burlesque.

Meant for the woman who is empowered by her shape, Mint Siren delivers both the sensual and the naughty.

Mint Siren believes women should feel wonderful and empowered whether they are being a seductress or during the everyday routine. Started in 2005, Mint Siren quickly gained in popularity. With its collections of accessories, lingerie, corsets, and apparel you can put together an entire outfit in one stop.

The emphasis is on femininity, colors like soft lilacs, reds, maroons, paired with classic blacks and whites. These are merged with silk satins, chiffons, and the finest burlesque influenced modern designs.

Her collections have a wide variety of influences, but retro is the biggest. She has manipulated the traditional retro style and seamlessly blended it with a modern, far more sexual flare. Each piece still retains a playful quality. Everything from simple silk bra sets to black corsets and tasseled pasties can be found at Mint Siren.

“Mint Siren revolves around making flattering sensual clothing with a retro flavor for the modern woman.”