Minut Douze collections are designed to revive the ladies’ interior wardrobe, to dust the dressing gown and to refresh the classic nightdress. Eventually to create a collection tailor-made for the glamorous globetrotter. Thanks to the trust and partnership of an Italian businessman, the Minut Douze story started under the creative inspiration of Virginie Boeri in 2010.

Minut Douze offers a collection of loungewear dedicated to Spa Resorts, travel environment and available to selective distribution only. As a scenic based collection, the brand is like a romance netitled Minut Douze. Each collection is a new chapter, represented by number based travel dairies: First Collection, First Chapter: Parisian Muses.

Minut Douze offers a wide range of shapes and pieces for each line : Classy, Sexy and Trendy will allow many women to find a new stylish way to live at home or even to wear as outside apparel with mixing and matching according to one’s personal style.

The Collection : Intimates pieces : camisole, baby-doll, panties, thong, shorts…

Homewear styles: kimono, pyjama, wrap, Knit & Cashmere long sleeves top, jogging & legging.


Virginie Boeri started with Giorgio Armani to develop the underwear line in France. Soon she moved on to design the Dessous-Dessus collection with Vannina Vesperini.
In 2005, en route to the French Riviera and Monte Carlo, is when Virginie Boeri joined the fashion Jewelry company Misaki, as head of Marketing and Design.