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Naughty Naughty offers lingerie in styles ranging from honeymoon attire to everyday wear. The designs are handmade to be as comfortable as they are beautiful.

Every since my babysitter taught me how to sew I have loved piecing together fabric to make pillows and quilts. As I got older those pillows and quilts turned into tops and dresses and now lingerie.

I have always been drawn towards lingerie because it can take someone feeling ordinary and transform them into feeling sexy. I used to wear my expensive underwear under outfits when I knew I would need an extra boost of confidence. For whatever reason that is what nice underwear (and shoes) have done for me; give me a boost to my self esteem.

But now I look at these overpriced bras and panties in the store and see 1000’s of them. I have always taken pride in being an individual and I hate to spend too much money on something that every one of my friends also owns. So a few months before I started this shop I had an idea to design and make my own lingerie. And here we are!…

Naughty Naughty Lingerie offers discounts to all of their subscribers,fans, and tweeters.