Nicole Gill Lingerie is an elegant design company which specialises in lingerie and steel boned corsets. Nicole specialises in unique and luxury garments, these include overbust and underbust corsets, briefs, French knickers, bras, bustiers, baby-dolls and nightwear. All pieces are handmade by Nicole in the UK.

Nicole graduated from De Montfort University in 2009 with a BA hons degree in Fashion and Contour design. Since then she has spent her time effectively gaining funding from the Princes Trust in order to design and produce her first collection, as well as establishing her innovative new business.

The ‘Welcome to the Tea-party’ collection was hand-picked to be showcased at London’s Alternative Fashion Week at Spital Fields Market in April 2010. This show was a great success and the perfect opportunity to demonstrate Nicole’s talent.

Since then the collection has been used in various photo-shoots, including the music video for Ema-The-Kid, as well as taking part in an up-and-coming reality TV show. ‘Welcome to the Tea-Party’ has also been recognised by The Lingerie-Buyer and The-Lingerie-Post.

Each corset is an adaptation of various Victorian corset patterns, modernised to suit the contemporary silhouette. Fabrics and trims are sourced around the UK to ensure the garments are constructed to the highest of standards.

Nicole Gill Lingerie will continue to create beautiful garments and flattering silhouettes for many years to come!