Piper Ewan is a fashion design company headed by Kirsten Moore. Kirsten draws inspiration from many historical periods, sewing and finishing techniques to create one of a kind pieces that evoke the dreamy old days of glamour and romance. Her company has produced many things, but her first love is couture, and small batch highly detailed pieces designed with perfect fit, clean lines and insane surface decoration.

Kirsten makes each piece by hand; with many of the details sewn with a needle and thread. She is most well known for her 1920’s style garters, hand sewn ribbon flowers, vintage style and careful attention to details. Currently, she is working on refreshing her lingerie line, and a line of one of a kind corsets. Her favourite materials are: silk, ribbon, embroidery floss, swarovski crystals, sparkly glass beads, sequins, vintage lace and trim.

Kirsten was taught to sew at the age of three by her Great Grandmother and her Mother. She continued to sew through through untiversity where she earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music in 1995. Her parents gave her a sewing machine as a graduation present, because they could not imagine her living without a sewing machine. Aside from her company, Kirsten likes to pursue other creative projects in her spare time; including: knitting, mentoring small/micro businesspeople, going for walks outside, wandering her local book shop for inspiration, observing birds, cooking and petting her cat.

Piper Ewan began as an official company in 1998 when Kirsten was laid off from her bank job, and wanted to pursue her own business in the one thing that she knew best: sewing. Past achievements include design projects of all kinds including: numerous custom wedding gowns, wedding parties, cocktail dresses, every day women’s clothing, costuming dance and performance art productions, burlesque ensembles, curating holiday shows, presenting fashion shows, an 8’ x 20’ woodgrain stage backdrop, various design projects, vintage clothing restorations, costumes and more garments than she can count.