Playful Promises was started by Emma Parker in 2004 and has grown into a lifestyle brand encompassing not only lingerie but swimwear, gift sets and more.

At its core, Playful Promises exudes girl-like fun and grown up sophistication all at once; a perfect combination for any woman.

Each collection and range could be deemed “boudoir meets playroom” with elements of elegance and glamour. Simply put, Emma Parker has created masterpieces that transcend typical designs.

The mainstream realize women are looking for more choice in product offering and want more fashion led lingerie and the adult sector have started realizing that women do want sexy lingerie but are not willing to compromise on style or quality.” – Emma Parker.

Emma’s lingerie wants to be worn; it begs you to put it on and play! From seductive and provocative corsets and waist cinchers to playful knickers, tantalising soft cup bras, and silhouette shaping push-up bras they all emulate the female form in all of its beauty all the while keeping a youthful feeling in every square inch of her lingerie.

Playful Promises’ designs, are now sold in over 100 stores around the globe both online and in stores.

The Playful Promises Boutique on the Bethnal Green Road is open seven days a week. The glamorous interior makes for a Hollywood style shopping spree.

Playful Promises continues to design and produce some of the most gorgeous, sophisticated, fun and flirty lingerie, simultaneously being innovative and imaginative, for all of us to admire.

Playful Promises is for sassy fashionable girls, who like to say ‘I did it my way’ (preferably loudly firstly to the Frank Sinatra version followed by the Sex Pistols), but who are confident enough to not take themselves too seriously and know that life is there to be lived.”