The name “Ritratti” means portraits in Italian. Ritratti ‘portrays and adds’ to each woman’s femininity in every design. The use of hand selected fabrics and materials, along with elegant forms and highly trained artisans have put Ritratti at the top of the high end lingerie market.

In 2007 Ritratti was named Designer Of The Year by the “Salon Internationale de la Lingerie,” a member of “Paris, Capitale de la Creation.”

The Captiale de la Creation is the most highly acclaimed and most important trade show for fashion and furniture every year. It is a chance for designers, artists and craftsman to meet and display their work.

Every year Ritratti brings to its customers a collection that pushes the trends of the moment without breaking them. They present a strong sense of creativity and imagination in their stylists, whom bring to life the in animate fabrics and materials.

Constantly researching, Ritratti is a leader in the industry, which has led to the patenting of the “Star-cup” bra.

Collections are always elegant while some pieces seem to have life of their own. The lingerie gown looks as if it could be worn as a wedding dress. Gorgeous sheer robes and a fantastic line of everyday wear.