Sandmaiden Sleepwear is a one woman show with two etsy shops, two children, a man and a very long history in fashion.

Everything in this shop is custom sewn in my basement workshop where I have one awesome pfaff home sewing machine, a serger for seams and a serger for finishing all on a stand up work bench.

The patterns are made by hand, I was trained to make patterns at fashion design school but am mostly self taught. I have over 15 years of hands on experience in a commercial context which only means that I know what rules to break.

Cutting is of course also done by hand one piece at a time which allows me to do customized sizing (not tailoring).

This collection was born in my mind when I was a young single mom working my tail off in the fashion industry in Vancouver. My pajamas were a transport from the business of the day into a place of rest and inspiration and that is what I hope these will be for you.