“Nothing moderates the atmosphere so effectively as beauty. Beauty is therefore a feat of the careful tuning of forms and colours.”

Sariana is a luxury lingerie producer located in Austria. Their designs are a blend of high fashion and elegantly cut lines.

Beautiful living; Sariana in two words. The designs are breath taking, gorgeous and conform to your every curve. Sariana has taken great strides in research to bring you the finest fit in the finest fabrics. The cuts and designs in their collections are functional and gorgeous.

The functionality of their designs are not noticeable to on-lookers. They believe in such a high degree of craftsmanship that every detail is attended to with great precision. Demands for styles have changed and with it has Sariana.

Sariana produces a large array of sizes to encompass all forms of the female body. Sizes range from cup A-F, and from 38-54. They are “cheeky” in style and trendy, and at the same time still support, hold and conform.

“When selecting material, our sole focus is placed on finding the most innovative developments of well-being to catch the spirit of the moment.”

Sariana always strives to produce very fashionable and up-to-date collections. To achieve this, it takes into consideration international influences and future trends in fashion already at the design stage. However, since the fashion industry is very fast moving, client wishes can be reacted upon very quickly.