UnSpoken Lingerie is a message worn on the body. The collection speaks for you. On-trend, daring and luxurious, the brand empowers the feminine body in all its form. The hallmark of the brand is to provide confidence, comfort and glamour to women of all sizes.

The collection includes women’s lounge and sleepwear created for modern women who have a keen sense of spirit and a love for elegance and comfort. She is daring and assertive, yet finds power in her soft femininity.

The collection was founded in 2011 by owner, Caron Block. Seeing nascent opportunities in the sleep and loungewear space for women with curves, Block decided it was time to celebrate the female body and create a collection geared towards making women feel sexy, empowered and confident.

She wanted to modernize lounge and sleepwear for women, thus designing “UnSpoken,” the sleep and loungewear company created to address the void in the market that exists for curvier woman. The sole mission of UnSpoken is to help women feel glamorous and amorous in an affordable way.

UnSpoken Lingerie is a lifestyle for women who want luxury in all areas of their life.