A patented design by Va Bien gives every woman a French silhouette; it has been said to make women feel weightless. For over three decades Va Bien has been giving women the support and sex appeal they desire.

Va Bien, started by Marianne Gimble, has been dedicated to supporting women for over three decades. Through advanced design and an undying attitude towards excellence Va Bien has delivered great designs in sexy styles that help women every day.

The newest patented design is “ultra-lift,” in which three “fingers” are sewn into the underside of the cup and provide extra lift and hold you in place. These so called “fingers” cannot be seen or felt. Think of them as the guardian angels of your breasts.

Not only does the lingerie support better than most, they are sexy, flattering and comfortable. Bra styles include plunge bars, t-shirt bras, and a great selection for full figured women. They design sexy bridal lingerie and support wear so you look ravishing on your special day, guaranteed to turn heads.

Collections also include wireless bars and body briefers, and low cut or low plunge for low cut dresses and tops. The newest collection, ultra lift, is seductive as well as supportive.

Newer trends have pushed Va Bien to incorporate new styles for the demanding woman of today. Women demand more form their innerwear and Va Bien has delivered.