The sultry new brazilian inspired dual action thongs and boyshorts are from Canadian based Vivvos. Color blocked and anchored in vibrant and vivacious prints, these panties are constructed in incredibly soft Eco-friendly performance fabric from renown Italian textile leader, Eurojersey.

A vacation in Latin America sparked the idea for Vivvos. The beautiful vibrant colours Kathy found in lingerie and clothing stores called out to her, and she immediately bought a couple of pairs and began carrying them with her, getting opinions from every woman she ran into.

It took a friend to point out the obvious (as it always does): North American women needed something sexy, sassy and exciting just as much as their South American counterparts. Vivvos was born.

After several months soaking up all of the knowledge she could about the apparel industry in Vancouver (a huge thank you goes out to the Vancouver community. To everyone who provided information, another direction or other assistance, Vivvos truly thanks you), and a fact-finding trip down to LA, and Vivvos was ready for the needle to hit the fabric.

The fabrics breathe, offer sun protection, extreme comfort and are quick drying. Perfect for spontaneous days.

Vivid and Vibrant. – just like the women who wear it. Performance underwear that can be rocked from bedroom to beach, or work to workout.