We make Lingerie Toes…Lingerie for your toes. Wear for comfort or as a sexy accessory for your feet!

Designer Vicki Kysella explains, “One day while shopping at a department store for flesh-colored toe peds, I realized that these things were really ugly, and embarrassing when they showed. I knew I could make something nicer for my feet. So, I went home and pulled out my sewing machine and some lace. What came next was my first pair of Lingerie Toes… my design exceeded my expectations.”

The overwhelming response by family and friends led her to launch Voet.

Voet has transformed hosiery from blah to beautiful. Lingerie Toes are made for you to feel uniquely comfortable, confident and sexy wherever your feet take you.

Vicki Kysella has been a small business owner since 1993. She has pursued both corporate and creative endeavors. Vicki has learned from her various pursuits that the best recipe for success is to follow your heart.