Our endeavours, designs and kudos have enabled Westward Bound to grow in a considered, evolutionary manner to become a trusted international supplier of luxurious latex garments and much more. Our clothing adorns the world’s top fetish models and is highly regarded as being among the finest there is.

Successive generations of those who like to dress for pleasure, as well as club revellers and party goers, have appreciated the traditions of design, craft, quality, originality and service we offer. It is this provenance and integrity, as the inheritors of the true artisan, that makes owning “a Westward Bound” essential for the true cognoscenti of desire-couture.

Our development and longevity has been through an adherence to excellence on all fronts: by keeping designs fashionable, being ahead of trends and by always paying consideration to lineage and perspective. Most importantly we respect and listen to you.

In addition to latex, our portfolio is enhanced by a stylish selection of steel-boned burlesque corsetry and sexy killer heels.

We have built on and developed the company to have among the widest range of latex designs in the world and produce our garments in a full offering of sizes and stunning colours. You can order from stock or we can make specifically for you and dispatch within 20 working days; six working days if you select our Fast-Track service.

We design and handmake our garments in England.

To assure strict adherence to quality, all garments are individually checked after manufacture, lightly dusted in talcum powder to prevent the fabric sticking and wrapped in tissue paper prior to dispatch.

Though based in England, a great number of our clients are outside of the country. We naturally allow for this fact and operate a without-quibble returns, exchange and refund policy. Customer service reigns supreme and you can rest assured we will do our best to ensure your satisfaction.

Showroom-Boutique Location
44 Drake Circus
Drake Circus
Devon, PL4 8AU
United Kingdom

Westward Bound was created from a mix of London’s punk explosion and the Soho clubland and New Romantic movements of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Indeed, we were lovingly referred to as “the dark side of the New Romantics,” a tag we took as a fabulous compliment and a reflection of our love of a party – with an edge.

Westward Bound was a natural offshoot of our notorious, trail-blazing London fetish club, Der Putsch, established in 1983. “Despite being one of the most secretive clubs in London… Der Putsch is increasingly being acknowledged as the place to go… it may be in a dimly-lit club or wine bar or on a riverboat (its most prestigious past venue is probably New York’s Danceteria)” City Limits Magazine, London, 1985.

Given the extensive publicity, the decision to start a specialist mail order company was made under the Westward Bound brand in 1992. In order to concentrate on this new and potentially larger venture, the decision was taken to cease Der Putsch and its smaller sister Madame Venus in 1993.

A shop emerged in 1995, to give a retail face to the brand, and a pioneering website was set up in 1997. Since then the dungeon facility has been closed and we have concentrated on developing fine English tailored, handmade latex clothing.

In making latex clothing our dedicated theatre of excellence we moved our restrictive and PVC items together with our totally free networking service to an equally niche website: