It’s not just vintage inspired; it’s vintage revisited. What Katie Did uses vintage patterns and techniques and the same fabrics as much as possible. It all started with stockings and has led to full fledged collections in a wealth of luxurious fabrics and designs.

The company’s founder, Katie Halford, has a bit of a corset infatuation and it got her a start at Skin Two Retail, a fetish shop.

At the time, the only place to get true steel boned corsets and seamed stockings. Katie was tired of trying to find good stockings, and decided to buy a shipment and her business was started.

For a time she simply sold her stockings in a shoe boutique called Cobblers to the World. The nest logical step was lingerie and garters; after all you need to hold up the stockings. Katie continued her work on the collection and was selling online and mail order exclusively.

Today What Katie Did is found in boutiques around the globe, her stores and online. She takes inspiration from the styles and techniques of the past and breathes new life and seduction into them.

The styles are right out of the 40s and 50s; the golden age of cinema and curvaceous designs. Marilyn would be so proud!

Our passion for vintage extends to all parts of our business. From our close-knit team, careful design, to high standards of production and finishing, to good, old-fashioned customer service.”