Wolford has been in business for more than 50 years providing the best in luxury stockings, lingerie, swimwear and ready to wear collections. Based in Austria the company has boutiques in countless countries and boutiques all over the globe, with a list of firsts as long as its customers.

Wolford has a long history of great achievements and firsts in the industry. In 1950 they purchased conventional knitting machines to produce the first synthetic fiber and 100% pure silk stockings for women. Nylon was in use for the first time in production. Late in the 1950’s they produced the first circular knitted stockings and socks which are much more comfortable due to having very few seams.

They were the first to design and produce suspenderless or “stay up” stockings, one-size tights and they invented the transparent support tights that have remained almost unchanged since. In the 1980s they created the Velvet de Luxe fabric and has been one of the best selling materials in leg wear, lingerie and bodywear.

The 90s saw the inception of their first swimwear line and lingerie by Wolford. Paying particular attention to the support and comfort of their designs the collections soon took center stage, and has to this day a loyal following of devoted customers.

Their designs are sophisticated, elegant, and practical. Serving a purpose but making you feel sexy and desired by giving you the comfort and support were your body needs it.

Wolford is guided by creativity, imagination and the beauty of women everywhere. The strive to create innovative solutions for today’s high powered woman, whether she is in business or running the household.